1961 Case. Fogojet

1961 Case. Fogojet
1960 Beer labels. Cardinal, Swiss period
1960 Call for photographic competition
1960 Advertisements. Moeris, watches, Swiss period
1960 Screen printed displays, Swiss period
1960 Poster, gouache technique. First prize of the 28th International Trade Fair of Barcelona competition 700x1000 mm
1961 Poster sketch, gouache technique
1961 Sketch, gouache technique
1962 Mobile Christmas card. Mobba
1963 Billboard, gouache technique
1963 Illustration with typefaces
1964 Typographic compositions. Galaxy
1964 Advertisements. Sugest, advertising agency
1964 Personal Christmas card 195x90x50 mm
1964 Poster and billboard, gouache technique
1960 Stamp. 28th International Trade Fair of Barcelona
1964 Poster. Fiestas de la Merced
1961 Brand and logo. Household insecticide. FOGOJET
1963 Brand. Vulcanised shoes. VULCA PROS
1963 Brand. Ultramar Esprés Trade Agengy. UE